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And Gifts are the purest representation of this. Gifts can come in many forms, like a hug, a drawing, an explanation about how something works, an object you buy for someone else, a donation to someone in need, or even a gift card that allows to its recipient to choose what they want... it doesn't matter the way you give to others, a Gift always brings joy and makes better the life of the person who receives it. 

My name is Gina, I'm a mother and inventor, and this is my family. They are the main reason why I work every day, invent products, find solutions to problems, and face challenges that sometimes feel too big for me.



I'm the result of the efforts that my mother, a 19 years old single mother made to give me the best education she could afford. I studied hard, really hard. I got a scholarship to go to the best University in my country and I got a bachelor's degree in Mathematics with a minor in Computer Science. Even though I’m not working in that field anymore, it thought me to face and overcome difficult challenges in highly competitive environments and that has been very useful since I became an entrepreneur. I learn fast, I love to solve problems and create new things, and product creation is just… AMAZING to me!

I think that education can change the future of humanity and that’s why we are helping public schools to raise money and that’s why we donate part of the profits of our sales to that cause, because this can be the difference between kids having the opportunity to access high education levels to improve their income and, as a consequence, raising the living standards of their families and their communities and kids getting into drugs, violence, or robbery, only because they don’t have other tools to provide for themselves and their families (believe me, sadly, I’ve seen this over and over again, not only in my country but here in the States too).

I know that WE (YOU and US) can make a difference, I know that we can help kids that are currently living in difficult conditions to have a better education, but we only can fulfill this mission with YOUR SUPPORT, because, in the end, ONLY YOU have the power to make the decision, we are putting the work in but ONLY WITH YOUR PURCHASE we are capable of helping others, keep creating new products, and keep giving services to more schools. The purchase of just one product can make the difference, treat yourself with a gift, or give a gift to someone you love, and we’ll take care of the rest.

I hope you join us in this mission. Enjoy your Fantastic Gifts® and have a blessing day!




* "The Secret To Living Is Giving" by Tony Robbins.