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      Become an FG-Affiliate!

      If you are a natural-born advisor that recommends everything that you like, and you've been doing it your whole life... it's about time to get paid for that!

      Join our FG-Affiliates Family and get from 5% to 15% commission on all the sales made through your link or coupon code.

      Your link is unique to you and your followers can use it again and again so you keep earning money PLUS you'll get a discount code for your followers and they'll also save thanks to you!

      With our affiliate programs, you will get a percentage commission on total referral sales when a customer makes a purchase through your affiliate link or use your discount code. NET 60 days.

      These are the current programs that you can apply to:

      • Standard
        • 5% commission per sale.
        • Sell more than USD$500 to move to the next level.
      • Rockstar
        • 8% commission per sale.
        • Sell more than USD$1,000 to move to the next level.
      • Titanium
        • 10% commission per sale.
        • Sell more than USD$2,500 to move to the next level.
      • Platinum
        • 12% commission per sale.
        • Sell more than USD$5,000 to move to the next level.
      • Diamond
        • 15% commission per sale.
        • Option to earn extra bonuses for performance.
      From 15% to 25% discount code for your followers. They save and you earn!

      Based on your profile, you will be assigned to one of these programs. You will move to the next level once you reach the corresponding sales limit.

      If you think that you are ready to get results and make money by sharing your experience with our products, you can apply for the Titanium program. We'll definitely check your application!

      Get ready to earn money by sharing your experiences with others!

      Apply to be part of the FG-Affiliates Family here!