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      Easy Choosing + Easy Pricing = The Best Shopping Experience

      What is Easy Choosing?

      What is Easy Pricing?

      Do you remember the last time you bought toothpaste? 15 minutes spent choosing one tube of toothpaste from like a hundred options from each brand, and the only thing you want to do is to finish your grocery shopping as fast as possible... here, your decision making is super easy:


      • We offer ONLY 4 Designs per Category at all times, so you just have to pick between 4 options (and of course you can also have them all!). Few options mean fast decision making!
      • We introduce new designs every month, and we make them available in different products but, to keep the 4 designs per Category, we have to say "goodbye" to one of the current designs at that moment, so it is replaced with the new option. This is the easier way to give you variety while keeping the choosing process stressfree!

      By any chance the prices ending in .95, .97, or .99 bug you? That happens to us too, that's why we decided to keep our prices easy to see and easy to add up:



      •  All our prices are rounded numbers (all end in .00). Forget the cents, estrange sums, and the hassle to get the total of your purchase.
      • Each type of product costs the same amount for ANY design, for example, all T-Shirts for kids cost the same, no matter which design they have. In this way, you don't have to think (for 10 minutes) if you would purchase a design that you love, or a design that you like, because the second is 2 dollars cheaper, you can just choose your favorite design and don't worry about anything else.



        As always, we try to make your life happier and easier, and we expect that these
        2 principles make your purchase...

        The Best Shopping Experience!