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    The ADJUSTABLE NOSE CLIP fits small nose shapes (and avoids foggy glasses).

    Change the size of the SOFT and ELASTIC EAR LOOPS to KEEP THE MASK IN PLACE.

    Cover completely UNDER THE CHIN to offer FULL FACE COVERAGE.

    The ONE WAY BREATHING VALVE (OUTWARDS ONLY) makes breathing easier and helps with the prevention of incoming external agents such as SMOG or POLLEN because of its silicone sealing that closes when inhaling and opens only when exhaling.

    PractiKlean’s Face Covers for children are MOISTURE RESISTANT because they have 3 LAYERS of COTTON of different densities:

    • The INTERIOR layer is SOFT TO THE SKIN, ABSORBS ANY FLUIDS that come out from your kid’s mouth or nose, and SEPARATES the filter and the breathing valve from having direct contact with the face.
    • The MIDDLE layer (soft too) covers the whole interior of the face mask to offer another barrier to filter external particles and absorb saliva.
    • The EXTERIOR layer is made of a HIGHER DENSITY COTTON for better filtering for POLLUTION, INDUSTRIAL EMISSIONS, and DUST, and to trap the excess of moisture that could come out from your kiddo.

    We include TWO PM2.5 FILTERS that can be reused but we recommend changing the filter every week if the mask is used often. DO NOT wash the filters, they are disposable.

    PractiKlean is a new brand that we are launching on Amazon with different products around cleaning. We are working on its own website but we want to offer this product to our Fantastic Gifts' customers too because this is a product that can benefit you and your family.

    Mom-owned small business LOCATED IN CALIFORNIA, we have these masks here in the US, and our products SHIP DIRECTLY from our office located in Santa Clarita, California.

    Our manufacturer is located in China and has been making anti-pollution face masks for SEVERAL YEARS, these masks were just not used here in the US before, but our supplier has the expertise and the best quality we could find.

    Care: WASH the face mask with warm soapy water by hand or machine as many times as you want, the HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS AND SEAMS will last for a long time. DO NOT put in the dryer, just put it in a ventilated area and it will dry fast.